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Great on Skates Welcomes You

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At Great on Skates, we strive to empower students to tackle challenges and take on new experiences. Below you’ll find the information you need about our courses, our team, or our methodology. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us today.

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Where the Passion Begins

Our incredible team is truly the heart of Great on Skates. It’s their dedication, passion and talent that keeps students invested in the learning process. Take a look below to learn more about the team.


Shamar "Miraculous Spinz " Cunningham 

Intermediate and Advanced Course Instructor

Shamar “Miraculous Spinz” Cunningham has been skating since 11 years of age. He has been known to captivate the eyes of the blind when he skates. At every moment given Shamar likes to give thanks to those who inspired him, including the late Anthony Smith aka Terminator Tex, Irvin Williams and more. Mr. Miraculous can be found using all his talents while instructing “Great on Skates” Classes, performing and more. His tag line is “IF you Ain’t Sweatin You Ain’t Workin”
Miraculous Spinz is “Great on Skates”


India "Ingine" Bernardino 

Beginner Course Instructor

India “Ingine” Bernardino is New Jersey Native. She comes from a strong background of Hip-Hop dance and theatre. India’s dream is to incorporate her love for skating and dance on wheels for the world to see. This passion for both Dance and Skating can be found in her smile.  This bubbly lady operates both “Really Philly” and “Great on Skates” as her Creative Passion and outlet for artist to become performers. Ingine gives many thanks to her Dad Master Jay.
Ingine is “Great On Skates”

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Ricky "Glytch" Evans

Choreographer , Skater, Dancer

Ricky “Glytch” Evans is the Funk man himself. With a bulk load of experience as a performer of Hip-Hop Dance and now skates. Ricky adds funk to the wheels and can be found bringing life to a dance style called “locking” on skates. He is no stranger to projecting movement and keeping up with the music.  If you keep up with him both nationally and internationally then you will witness his fervor and zeal for performing. 
Glytch is “Great on Skates”


Rachel "Hungry Ray" Snider

Choreographer's , Skater's, Dancer's

We provide great classes with a mixture of dancing and skating. Most instructors have a background in dance.  We are able to teach and share with  you a rhythm on wheels experience!


Mr. Dre aka Poppy

Mr. Dre and Miraculous Spinz

Poppy the Glider is smooth with his skating and very patient. He specializes in gliding, partner skating, different sequence techniques and more. If you ever take a class with Poppy you will be able to learn how to pace your movement on skates. He's definitely the man.


Mr. Vince and Ms. Mimi

Vince and Mimi also teach at Millennium Skate World on Saturday's from 10:00am-11:45 am (All levels). They have other instructors as well such as Dez, Tiara, Malik and Quil!

Mr. Millennium aka Vince is the man with a whole lot of patience and skills. Mr. Vince is able to multi task and teach multiple students at one time. Please check out Vince and Mimi at Millennium skate world for more skate classes on Saturday's.

"Great on Skates" is an all around skate community in Philadelphia, full of freedom, love and family on skates. They incorporate dance with skating as well as spinning, tricks, fast backwards, train & trios and more. You can always find them skating at huge festivals, school assemblies, hosting skate events, and theater projects.  These live performances bring child like joy to the crowd that's watching. This local skate community is led and driven by these great instructors Shamar Cunningham,  India Bernardino, and Richard  Evans.

 Great on Skates consist of teaching, training and reaching on all levels. They are here as an outlet to your fear on wheels. You can find them putting their number one love into action, teaching the basics of balance, movement, control and more on skates. Great on skates provides many classes in the Philadelphia area. You will be excited to learn how fast you will become "Great on Skates".

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Skate in School

Education. Exploration. Satisfaction.

Great on Skates was born out of a simple idea: bringing high quality, accessible and affordable roller skate education to the entire community of both skaters and non skaters. Our unique approach to learning and top quality faculty makes Great on Skates one of the best classes in Philly. We invite you to explore our engaging and diverse curriculum, and stop by to engage in our classes."Great on Skates" is a series of  Dope Skate Classes in Philadelphia. Our Mission is to preserve skating in keeping with positive energy and family fun! We provide classes for all skate levels in Philadelphia.  These skate classes are currently held at 3 different  locations on Thursday's, Friday's, and Sunday's! If you've always wanted to do something great on skates, then this is the atmosphere for your creativity and freedom while learning. Please follow us on Social media ig@greatonskates fb@greatonskates 

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"If you AIN'T sweatin you AIN'T workin!"

Join one of our Skate Classes!


"Skate In School"

This course has been highly regarded by countless students throughout our classes, and has provided the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning. Get in touch with questions or to learn more.


Advanced Course

Through this course, students have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way. Contact us today to learn more about each of our course offerings.


Beginner Course

As one of our most popular offerings, we recommend signing up for "Skate in School" as early as possible as it runs until April 2020. If you’re unsure about your level or have questions, simply reach out.


Intermediate Course

This course has been highly regarded by countless students throughout "Great on Skates", and has provided the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning. Get in touch with questions or to learn more.

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"If you Ain't Sweatin you Aint Workin"

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