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Intermediate / Advanced Course Instructor / DJ

Dj Spinz Skate Music

Mixes expire on June 1st

Dj Spinz currently Dj's at Sk847 Rink

4th Thursdays of the Month, he also teaches Every Thursday from 7-8 at Sk847 as well. Come Join us!!

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Shamar “Miraculous Spinz” Cunningham has been skating since 11 years of age. He has been known to captivate the eyes of the blind when he skates. At every moment given Shamar likes to give thanks to those who inspired him, including the late Anthony Smith aka Terminator Tex, Irvin Williams and more. Mr. Miraculous can be found using all his talents while instructing “Great on Skates” Classes, performing and more. His tag line is “IF you Ain’t Sweatin You Ain’t Workin”

Miraculous Spinz is “Great on Skates”